Friday, May 17, 2013

I've Been Gone Too Long!

Oh, my friends, I have not gone anywhere....I have just been super busy and my life has been a little (okay, let's get real here...a lot) overwhelming.  I am not going to give much "dish" because a lot of what I am going through is any extra time I've had, I've spent in my classroom, making sure my kiddo's get what they need.

I am tracked out right now...yes, I know you're wrapping up your year and here I sit, at home, waiting to go back at the end of May for another 4 weeks.  Don't ask... I'm staying off my soapbox for awhile!

So, while I've been home, I've been busy.... kind of.... I've been doing a lot of rejuvenation for me, but the teacher in me decided to come out and show herself today, so I finished up a few end of the year odds and ends.

I've never created a memory book for my kids before, but decided to do one this year.  It has been an eventful and unforgettable year....yes, for many reasons.... ugh!  Anywho - I created a Sweet Year Memory Book.  Since I created one for second grade, I went ahead and did one for first, third, and fourth.  Yes, some of my besties teach the older kids and I wanted them to be able to use it too!!

It is 27 pages - I know, that's a lot - but there are really only 14 pages in the book. I created a color and a black and white version.  Why spend money on ink if you don't have to?

For my kids books, I'm going to print the cover in color on cardstock and the rest in black and white.  And, of course, I could not do a memory book without a back!!  For the boys, I am going to have blue construction paper, and the girls will have pink construction paper... unless they choose otherwise - I know a few of my kids will challenge my system.  Yes, that's okay!

Enjoy the last few weeks my friends!!