Monday, February 4, 2013

Manic Monday Management Freebie & 5 for Five

Sweet – it is the last Monday of my track in!! Next Monday I will be taking youngest Realistic son to school and heading back home to snuggle in my comfy bed!  But, this week I have tons to accomplish before I can “shut down” my overactive brain!

So, let’s get started right away with my 5 for Five list!  Yes, my favorite Monday tradition thanks to Jenn and Jessica

The results are in and 3 out of 5 isn’t bad…but I’ll looking for better stats next week!

1.  Reschedule that massage. Yep – the appointment is Thursday & I can’t wait!

2.  Make those dentist and doctors appointments.  NASA, we have a problem…. we went from if only they would call me back to….”what, you don’t participate with my insurance and want $220?!?”  No, thanks.  I’ll get a different referral.  Ugh – seriously!!!

3.  Blog at least 3 times.  Check – done!

4.  Work on my North Carolina book project.  Well, kind of…I have the book, I’ve got some ideas planned, but I have nothing officially checked off the list.  Okay – track out is here, so that is on my long list of will do’s!

5.  Get to the gym – twice. Yes! Thanks to my great workout friends – shout out to you Zumba ladies – who inspire me and call me names if I don’t go.  Yes, that is what besties do!!

So, here is what I have on my list for this week…

1.  Schedule those dentist and doctors appointments.  I’ll be relentless, I’ll call, I’ll be demanding (in my sweetest voice), I won’t rest until I get an answer!!

2.  Get to the gym – twice.  I’m going to keep this on my list until it becomes a habit again!

3.  Have my classroom packed up and ready by Tuesday afternoon so that the teacher who tracks into that room is not overwhelmed with my current chaos.  It is so hard for people to move into cluttered and dirty rooms!!  I promise I won’t be “that” teacher!

4.  Make sure my kids have math and reading assignments to work on during track out and they are ready to be sent home with my kids on Tuesday.

5.  Schedule a facial.  I don’t know exactly when I became old; but my skin feels like it needs some pampering…so I am assuming it has finally “aged”.  Ummm…not sure when this happened – where was I during this process?

Yayyy – you’ve done it – you’ve reached the end of my list.  Hopefully you gathered some great ideas and will share some with me.  What are you doing this week?  Does your week look a little like mine, or are we absolute twins!?

And, yes, finally, a Manic Monday freebie.  I created an I'm a Great Kid Behavior Checklist to use with some of my babies when I come back to help them remember the daily expectations during literacy and math.  We’ve got our anchor charts and review daily expectations, but these guys (and gals) just need a little more.  They need to be able to check each little box to see they are successful! 

I plan on making the copies front to back and posting it on their clipboards.  I know they will love it….and it will provide me with some great data about their most problematic behaviors and which times of day are most difficult for them (that part I already know, but the more information the better!).

Happy Monday peeps!

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