Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scattered Thoughts and Clipart Crazy Linky

Oh my gosh – I totally forgot to post about the exciting email our students {via yours truly} received this week!! 

A long time ago, in a month far, far past…. we sent letters to men and women in Afghanistan for Veteran’s Day.  All of our second grade students completed this during our writing “switch” – have I mentioned that I love my team!?!  Anywho, we received a response on Thursday.  It was from a serviceman whose mother teaches in our school. 

Our kids were so excited to get responses to their questions, and I was so honored that he emailed me.  I scooted from room to room reading his email to all of the kids – each time I read it I had tears in my eyes, thinking about all this young man is giving up to serve our country.  Needless to say, it was an exciting moment, and a project we will do again next year!!

On another note, while I was stalking blog hopping this morning I ran across an awesome post on TeachableMoments.  It was about the great paradigm shift in education.  It is a long video, but well worth the watch.

Finally, I’m linking up with Primary Polka Dots who is having a therapeutic Clipart Crazies linky. 

I am obsessed with clipart; yes, there should be a twelve step program for me.  Oldest Realistic, is an amazing artist and {insert whiny voice here} I have tried to convince him to make some clipart from his amazing & wonderful mama and my great followers.  But, it has taken the back burner since he is busy at school.  Hmph!  So until he and mama are on the same page, here are some of my favorites!

If you are clipart crazy, please head over to Lindsay’s blog so I can see who your favorite clipartists are!

Until next time…

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  1. LOVE your cute blog! Thanks for linking up! I LOVE your family! hahaha so funny!

    Stop by again soon! :)
    Primary Polka Dots