Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inauguration Day Literacy Activities

Along with MLK Day celebrations, we will be celebrating Inauguration Day in my classroom this year.  I am super excited about the new unit I created to celebrate this important event – I thought since we learned about the election, we needed to follow through the process and study the President being sworn in to office.

Here are a few things that we will be doing:
  • Making words with the letters from Inauguration Day
  • Writing a newspaper article after watching the inauguration
  • Writing about a pet we would take to the White House
  • Writing a letter to President Obama congratulating him and offering our advice
  • Looking up words about the inauguration words in the dictionary
  • Reading about the requirements of being a President and responding

Social studies will make up a huge part of our week – but I am looking forward to it!  I love introducing my students to real life situations and scenarios.  If you’re interested in implementing some of my ideas head over to my TpT store to pick this up.

Have a fantastic Tuesday friends!! 

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  1. Clever idea! I didn't even think about activities for Inauguration Day!

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