Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great Giveaways & January Currently

I wanted to feature some giveaways today – what a great way to kick off 2013!  There are 3 major giveaways for some just as major accomplishments happening right now!

Jessica at The Second Grade Nest is having a 500 follower giveaway.  Congrats to Jessica on reaching 500 followers at her TpT store!  Wow – that is amazing!!

Ms. Jones Junction (I love the name of Crystal’s blog!) is also having a giveaway!  She now has 200 followers!! Ah-mazing!!  If you win her giveaway you get a winner’s choice gift from my store!

Liz over at The Happy Teacher is ringing in the New Year with a giveaway! She has over 70 products that you can win…including one of my favorites – a Starbucks giftcard!!

And…finally, I am linking up with Farley – I can’t pass up a Currently!!  Especially the first one of the year!!!  Here is what is currently happening in my small world.

And, no, I am not ready to head back to school tomorrow.  I still have so much to print and copy; but I will be there early, with a smile on my face, ready to set up my room and finish up the last half of the year with my kids.  Yes, I said the last half!  It is hard to believe we are almost there people!! Whew – what a wild ride!!

Enjoy the first day of the New Year!!!


  1. I need routine, too. I am getting way too lazy. :)

    Happy New Year!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. As much as a am dragging my feet about going back, I need the routine. It seems like I don't even go to the gym when I am not in school - I need routine!!! :)

  2. I can relate to your Currently for sure... and the font you used is so cute!