Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flipboard, LeParcel, and Popcorn... a random mix!

I am so excited about today’s post! Mr. Realistic introduced me to a really cool app – Flipboard – it is a magazine type social media app.  I love it!!  If you’ve never heard of it, make sure you head over and check it out.  So, while he was flipping through his board… I imagine it is a “guys” version of Pinterest, but I don’t dare tell him that – he found a great “deal” and sent it to me.  How sweet – I think…??? 

So the product is LeParcel.  It is genius – each month you receive a package aligned with your monthly package… perfect, my entire monthly (according to what I choose) needs PLUS chocolate and a gift!  Here is a quick video of their product…

Meet Le Parcel from LE PARCEL on Vimeo.

 You know, I am not one to feature products on my blog, but I just couldn’t pass this up and it was “endorsed” by Mr. Realistic, so here it is!  I am subscribing this month and I will let you know what I think.  I can’t wait – it sounds almost as good as Birchbox!!

So – now that I am done talking about “real life” here is some new “teacher stuff!”  I am really trying to make this month as exciting for my students as November and December were, so I am featuring some special events this month.

The first day in January that I will be featuring in my classroom is Popcorn Day – January 13th.  Of course, you can use the popcorn unit any time, but I am going to use it this month.  Here is a quick glimpse, but make sure to check out my complete product on TpT.

I can’t wait to use this little unit with my kiddos and posting pictures as soon as I can! 

Happy Friday “eve” friends!! One day closer to the weekend – Yayyyy!!

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