Monday, January 7, 2013

Five for 5 & Manic Monday Freebie

Ohmygosh!  It seems like it’s been forever since I last posted my 5 for Five!  Well, I can tell you for sure that it was last year! Ha! 

So here is how I did last year…or at least a few weeks ago! Not bad… finally!!!

1. Gather all of the materials and supplies I need to make gingerbread stations, nutcracker activities, and parent gifts BEFORE I actually need them in my classroom – check, whew!

2. Schedule that dang massage appointment – the beginning of January would be a great time to go!  Not only did I schedule it, but I actually went!!

3. Start Christmas shopping (yes, I am hanging my head in shame). But, (in my whiniest voice) no one has gotten me their lists. Those dang teenage boys!  They finally got me their lists – lots of giftcards and cash, but Christmas went without a hitch and there were no disappointments!

4. Check out and read a non-teaching book… a no-brainer novel for winter break sounds about right!!check!!  I can’t remember what I read, but I did read two non-teaching books during break!

5. Make sure I take care of my health this week by eat breakfast & lunch!!Yes! and I’m adding it to my list again this week!  It is going to be a necessity this year rather than just a goal.

Anyway – I have so much to get accomplished this week (I’ve even created reminders on my phone to help me stay focused).

Here are my Five for 5 this week:

1.  Set up 3 different doctor’s appointments…I won’t get into the nitty gritty – but it seems like they all want me to see them at once; the dentist, the doctor, etc. I might as well just take a full day and see them all!

2.  Gather and organize a ton of testing and student data…meeting to go to, people to see!

3.  Hit the gym at least twice this week (Oldest Realistic got me a great new pair of shoes…I can’t wait to wear them at Zumba this week!)

4.  Lesson plan for the next two weeks – yes, a rough sketch will do, but a complete week next week without the vague, maybe we’ll….

5.  Eat breakfast & lunch every day this week!!  I am working on making it an automatic, rather than a planned event.

Sadly, Oldest Realistic returned to school today…wanh, I’m going to miss him!!! I know that he’ll be home in February for a short break, but it will be so quiet around here.  I’ve loved listening to him and Youngest Realistic catch up; yes, and even argue on our road trip.  12-plus hours was a long time for us to all be in the vehicle together… seriously!!

Finally, a Monday wouldn’t be complete without a Manic Monday freebie!  

This week’s freebie is getting you ready for MLK Day.  My kids LOVE to wear badges. It makes them feel so proud, so I made these MLK InspiredPeacemaker badges. I am hoping that it will remind them to be kind to one another too!

I am going to print them on cardstock, laminate, punch a hole in the top, and hang them on a string. I hope you’re babes enjoy them as much as I know we will in our room!

Have a great week friends!

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