Monday, January 21, 2013

5 for Five & Manic Monday Main Idea Freebie

How many of you are lucky enough to have the day off today?  Yes, I am waving my hand in the air!!  Yayyy – an “extra” day to get things accomplished.  I LOVE it!! I know we just returned to school, but I was already in need of a break.  Yes, it continues to be a long year. :)

I am so excited because today I actually get to sit and enjoy my hot coffee in quiet.  Yes, you read that right – QUIET!!  The house is absolutely silent. Youngest Realistic is still in bed and Mr. Realistic had to work (bummer) so the only thing I hear is my keyboard. Even with Oldest Realistic at school it is still loud in our house, and I adore quiet – I thrive on it.  Okay – so let’s get down to business.

It’s a 5 for Five Monday with Jessica and Jenn and I am so excited to share my accomplishments this week… here is how last week turned out.

1.  Schedule my massage appointment for this month – not accomplished yet… I just couldn’t get 5 minutes to make a phone call last week. 

2.  Schedule dentist appointments – this was a half accomplished task.  I cancelled one because it didn’t fit into our schedule and didn’t have a chance to reschedule yet.  It’ll get done… hopefully.  I need a personal assistant to make all these calls for me!

3.  Go to the gym this week – Yep, done.  Only went to Zumba on Monday, but I went once.  I hibernate in the winter – seriously. Straight to work and home.  I don’t like the cold.  I know – it is single digits in the Mitten so I should be used to cold weather, but I still don’t even like the 30’s and 40’s where I’m at.

4.  Print next week’s lesson plans, copies, and homework assignments – finished!!

5.  Blog at least twice this week – yes, and boy, did it feel good!!

Okay  - 3 out of 5 isn’t bad.  Let’s hope that I actually accomplish everything on this week’s list.  This week I have to focus on taking care of myself again.  It seems like I’ve been so busy focusing on everyone else as a mama, teacher, wife, and daughter, that I’ve lost sight of my own well being.  I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about – I think a lot of women tend to do this!

1.  Schedule my massage appointment for this month – yes, back on the list it goes.  I have to get it done!!

2.  Go to the gym at least twice this week – do you see the trend? Hopefully I can get myself back into the routine if I ease into it.  I think I’m just going to have to take the plunge and get there on a schedule again!!

3.  Make doctor’s and dentist appointments. 

4.  Get next week’s lesson plans, homework, and materials printed, copied, and ready! I’m on a mission to be a week ahead of myself.  Hmmm… then I’ll have to catch up with myself that way too, but at least I’ll be headed in the right direction!

5.  Schedule at least 3 blog posts…. this is going to be a tough one, but I’m going to get back into a routine so I might as well start this week!!

You can probably see a pattern at this point. Once I’m out of my routine it takes me awhile to get it back together. But I know I can…just in time for track out (ha!).

So, if you’ve stuck with me long enough, here is my Manic Monday freebie!  Students have to underline the main idea of the paragraph and illustrate one of the details.  I know it looks so plain, but I think once my students get their art on the paper it will be really stinking cute!!  My students LOVE to draw and illustrate and I thought what a better way than to get them to focus on the details. Yayyy – they get what they want and so do I.  Don’t tell them though, or they’ll decide it’s not so fun after all!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!!


  1. Great post - love your Snowy Ideas. I found your blog through Classroom Freebies - and I'm so glad I did! Happy to be following you! Thanks for your share.
    Stephanie @

    1. Thanks Stephanie!! I'm so glad you decided to come along on my journey :)

  2. These are great! I will definitely use these with my third graders since we are doing main idea and details this week! Enjoy your week off! I made my massage appointment for today, and I can't wait to get it! Make that call!

    Reading Toward the Stars