Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivation, 5 for Five, and a Freebie!

It's Monday!! That means it's time for Smiling with Second Grade's Motivational Monday, a 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica and a Manic Monday Freebie. As much as it pains me to say this, I love Mondays...bloggy Monday's that is :)

I'm looking forward to Friday this week as it's finals week and oldest Realistic son and Realistic girlfriend are coming home so I am over the top excited!! Yayyy – we they have finished our their first college semester. 

I’m linking with Smiling in Second Grade’s Motivational Monday again this week. Here is a little motivation (and a few laughs) to get you through the week and one week closer to break!

A reminder...

An award...

A little bit of honesty and a dash of humor...

Okay, and, because it is Monday, and I LOVE my bloggy friends Jenn and Jessica here is the recap of last week’s 5 for Five.

I wasn’t much more productive this week than last…at least not when it came to these goals – I had too many other emergency additions to my list last week. It seems like for everything I crossed off the list I added one or two more.

1. Gym three times this week – drats! I was only one day away. Wednesday are tough since Zumba doesn’t start until 7:30. I might have to go to the weight class instead.

2. Paint the clothes pins for our behavior chart – check!

3. Start decorating for Christmas – well, if you read yesterdays post, you’ll know that I haven’t gotten a thing done yet…

4. Finalize next week’s lesson plans, homework calendar, etc. – check!

5. Schedule an appointment for a massage… I seriously forgot this was even on my list!!

Okay – 2 out of 5 isn’t bad  is awful, but I am looking forward and not going to stress out about it! Here are this week’s goals:

1. Gym three times this week – absolutely!! My workout buddies are going to be there on Wednesday so the pressure is on!

2. Start decorating for Christmas – can’t promise, but I’ll try!

3. Work on some of my January school projects… this will be a tough one – if I’m at the gym 3 nights and tutoring 1 night my evenings are pretty much shot.

4. Schedule that massage appointment!!

5. Stop and take time to eat lunches.

Finally, my Manic Monday Freebie!! A Sweet Sleigh Ride math worksheet – a quick and easy addition to your December/Christmas holiday materials!
Happy Monday friends & here is to having a productive week!!

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