Friday, December 7, 2012

Fantastic Friday Freebie

It's hard to believe that it is Friday already, but I am glad it is! What a long first week back.  It is really hard to get the kiddos back into a routine with the excitement of the holidays, but exciting none the less.

My kids were super excited about some of the "seasonal" activities that we did this week. This week we completed our Remarkable Reindeer Non-fiction Unit.  The kids loved finding the main idea, and then pulling out the important details in each of the articles. When we were comparing the horse and reindeer the students pieced together why Santa needed reindeer - "they're much lighter than horses, no wonder they can fly better" - is what one of my students said.  So sweet!!

I wish I had snapped a few pictures - but, things were so chaotic that I didn't get a chance! Drats! More photo opportunities next week I hope! Fingers crossed :)

We also started drawing our maps of the North Pole. My kids are in love with this activity!! They want to work on it in every spare moment! Adorable!!  So, this is my freebie for you this week...

I hope you can use it in your classroom - even for a "fast finisher" activity.  Have a great weekend friends!!


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