Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tremendous Tuesday

I am linking up with Sweet Tea Classroom and her TpT Best Sellers and Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale.  I know, I know, you probably already know about the TpT sale…who doesn’t, right!?

Sweet Tea Classroom

My best seller is The Giver novel study. This was one of my favorite books to teach in the classroom.  If you haven't read The Giver, it is a MUST read!!  Please read it yourself before reading it with your class - I recommend this with all books, but especially books that can be sensitive in the classroom. This is not a book that I have the opportunity to read with my students now, but when I taught 7th grade it was my favorite novel to teach!!

Right now many sellers (including myself) are focusing on their seasonal products; but there are some other great products out there as well!! Here are some great featured products that you might want to explore for your classroom:


  1. Hi Realistic...send me your e-mail addy for a little gift ;) Num1teechr@aol.com


  2. I love your goal lists! It is also interesting to read about your year round school experience. I know you have already been nominated but guess what...I'm nominating you again for a Liebster award! You have a wonderful blog!


    1. Oh my gosh - please join in!! The more the merrier!! Thank you for the Liebster award!! I am sooo happy that people enjoy my blog. I like year-round - it is a whole different ballgame with different rules. I love that I get to experience a true year with my kids - July-June. It is a completely different experience to watch a complete years growth :)