Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Terrific Tuesday Done List

Even though I am currently tracked-out (on a mini-summer – three week – vacation to traditional teachers) I have spent the last few days working on a new project. I know – I should probably be cleaning my house, organizing the house, grocery shopping, or folding laundry, but I am trying to avoid that at all costs, so I accidentally got “caught” up creating a new unit.

Let me explain how it all started...cue the music...

I remember seeing The Nutcracker ballet every year as a little girl. My mom would take me; it was a special mommy & daughter day. I alwasy felt very grown up. It was also a treat because I knew a few of the girls in the ballet and LOVED to watch them dance.

This is probably because I tripped over my feet just walking with gum in my mouth as a child - ah, some things never change...but on with my story...

I loved to watch the story of Clara's dream world - it was always amazing to me that the stage could change so quickly.  This year, while thinking about something special to do with my students in December, I came up with a brilliant idea!

I'm planning on reading different versions of The Nutcracker books in class nad having a "Nutcracker" day (Yes, I might have to change the name - it sounds a little, um, well...) I thought I would do something similar to what we do on "Gingerbread" day.  I've created 8 stations (activities) for students to complete. I assign them small groups.  Then I am going to host a hot cocoa bar and we'll watch the ballet - on You Tube since I don't think we can know we can't arrange a fieldtrip at this late date.  So, without further ado - here is my new unit...

Now, instead of cleaning, I think I'll update my Christmas Eve and Gingerbread files so I can have them ready when I return to work in December.  Hopefully, Mr. Realistic won't notice that the house is still just as disorganized as it was this morning...keeping my fingers crossed.

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