Friday, November 16, 2012

Double Freebie Friday & Holidays Galore

I am so excited that I finished some huge holiday projects this week! I am gearing up for Christmas already!! It helps that I have full free days to get stuff done. Have I mentioned I love track out!!

The other thing that has me so excited is that I talked to my son who is in college last night! I can’t wait for him to be home next week! He shared some (what I think is) great news. He got a haircut and new clothes!! Sending your child away is hard. It’s the little things you worry about. Haircuts and new clothes were always the things I took care of for him. I am so glad to know that he does them on his own now…or at least with his girlfriend’s reminder! It was nice to hear him so excited about how much money he saved shopping…again, he hasn’t had to think about that in the past!

Anyway – I know I’m rambling about my personal life so let me focus on my teaching world. I’m linking up with Teaching Blog Addiction to share my Friday Freebie! Actually I have two freebies to share!!
Freebie Fridays

I can’t wait to use this in my classroom this year and thought you might like it too! It is my Christmas Eve Day activity pack. I am planning on sending these packs home with my kiddos to give them something to do besides get on their parent’s nerves play video games, watch TV or ask “are we there yet?” from the backseat. What a better way to keep them occupied and keep their brains turned on.

Here is another quick freebie that I created this week. Hopefully you find it more useful that I do – it has a Thanksgiving theme, and did I mention I’m not in school during Thanksgiving so it probably won’t do me any good? It’s a quick morning work item to keep students thinking about figurative language!

I already posted about my Nutcracker unit – which I am still so excited about; but I also finished my gingerbread stations. My kids loved, loved, loved this last year. I actually had my son come in and help me run some of the stations.

  No, he did not skip school and yes, he is old enough that my students listen to him. He loves my little people!! I tell my school kids they are a part of my family for the year, so when my boys come in to see my students they love to hear what my kiddos have to say. Okay – enough rambling – I know, on with the show!

Here is my gingerbread station day! I divide my kids into small groups (3-4) and they rotate between 10 stations throughout the day. It is fantastic. We set up a cocoa bar and the kids get to work while they sip their hot chocolate. What a better way to finish up before heading home for the holidays! I also love that it is easy clean up for me! Everything is included – teacher directions, student response sheets, station directions (I posted them on table tents last year) and everything that you need for each station.

Even though I haven’t been in school this week and wasn’t able to post about what we’ve been doing, I’ve gotten a lot of things done and am so happy to share. Make sure you head over to TpT to save, pin or print! Thanks for sticking with me through my ramblings today – I just have so much great things going on in this brain right now…and have had about 5 cups of coffee too many this morning! Happy Friday!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Share the Wealth Saturday! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving break!
    -MrHughes :0)
    An Educator's Life

  2. Love the idea of the gingerbread stations before break and the hot chocolate bar:) Think I might have to try it this year! Love your blog. Thanks