Saturday, November 24, 2012

Better Late than Never Friday Freebie & Some Ramblings

Oh my gosh – I can’t believe I let a Friday Freebie post slip by me! I was so caught up with the fame of the Liebster award that I missed a Friday Freebie – please forgive me!!! Did I say I’m sorry, because I really am! :(

In return for your forgiveness – I guess this is kinda like a bribe…what am I the mafia?? Anywho – my mind is racing today – can you see the ADHD label stuck to my forehead?! Here is my peace offering…  The Snowman Book Report.  Just a little something from my blog to you…remember, you owe me forgiveness now :)

And did I tell you? I am trying to convince my son to create clip art!!! He is an amazing artist – this is oldest Realistic we’re talking about – and I thought he could start his own TpT store (with the help of his mama because I know how busy he is at college – can you see my eyes rolling – seriously he sleeps 12 hours a day) called the Teacher’s Kid!

If you’re a parent you know what it is like for your son/daughter to be the TK (teachers kid). The expectations are a little different…maybe they’re held to a higher standard or expected to be better behaved – more mature.  Okay – maybe that is what I expected from my biological TK’s. 

Anyway – I thought it would be a great way for me us to score some amazing clipart and him to make some extra money for his junk books, pizza, bike, clothes, college kid expenses. His own little entrepreneurship.  I’m sure youngest realistic will be in on the deal soon – he is really the entrepreneur of the two.  Here will be his offer, “I’ll run your store” for a percentage. Ugh – these boys keep me on my toes!

I’ll keep you posted about my scheme the TK’s art and store as soon as he gets back to me!  Which may up to  1 year...depending on how fast he moves!

Off to refill my coffee cup – peace out peeps!


  1. Yay ... So glad to find another second grade teacher to follow! :)

    1. I'm so glad you found me and my little patch of cyber-space :)

  2. Hi there! I have nominated you for the Leibster award! Stop on by my blog to read more about it! {I hope you follow me if you are not already following me - I am indeed following you!}