Sunday, October 14, 2012

So You Want to be President Mini-Unit

I am so excited about everything that I accomplished yesterday.  I have so many checkmarks on my "to do" list, but still so much more to finish!  I am in the process of updating all of my TPT products and it has been a long process.  Some items have been!...and I have added a lot of graphics and "cute" stuff to my other products.

But, in between, I have been working on some of my larger projects. In time for the election season I finally finished the "So You Think You Want to be President" mini unit to go along with the book. I read this to my students every year and they LOVE it, so I am so glad that I have activities to go along with it now. They can apply what they learn - and their parents will be thrilled abou the "facts" they bring home!!

Here is a quick peek....but go to my TPT store to check it out in full....I hope you're just as excited about it!!

I've also linked this product to Tales from Room 112 who is throwing a linky party for your favorite election materials.  Make sure you stop at her blog to find some great materials.  You know I can't pass up a linky party - two this weekend!

Now, back to reality...lesson planning, laundry, and grocery shopping.  Ahhh the life of a glamorous teacher!!


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