Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Management Monday

This is one tough group of kids and they all seem to need something different.  We’ve started doing WBT and my kids LOVE it!! 
I have found the need to adapt it since so many of my kids are worried about what everyone else is doing.  So we added rule #6 – Keep Your Nose Out of Other People’s Business.  The kids think it is great.  When one of them starts to tattle, another pipes up – Rule 6!  It is working like a charm
Of course, I love my clip chart behavior system and wouldn’t give it up for the world!  My kids love knowing that at the end of the day they earn a punch on their punch card for green or above behavior.  They have really taken ownership and we’ve made “card puncher” a classroom job.  The kids really love the double meaning!  When they tell students in other classes that they are trying to earn punches they get all sorts of silly looks and it just makes my kids work even harder.

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