Sunday, September 16, 2012

It’s hard to believe that I’ve taken the blog plunge!  Now, I have pages and pages to write….(crickets chirping)…and nothing is coming to mind….quite possibly it’s because I am so used to the sounds coming from my classroom, that the peace and quiet is distracting me!
Seriously, I love adore my class, but sometimes the volume can be overwhelming.  I have a loud class this year.  You know how some years you’ve got the quiet kids…not necessarily shy, just quiet…well, this year, not so much!  When one stops talking, another starts – yes right in the middle of a lesson plan when I am about to hit it home.
So, I’ve turned to Whole Brain Teaching (WBT).  Here’s how it started….
Me:  When I say class you say yes.  Class?
Students:  Yes (turning and talking to their neighbors)
Me:  Let me explain, when I say class and you say yes, you are to stop what you’re doing, put your eyes on me and listen.  Classity-class?
Students:  Yesity, yes! (a few neighbors continue whispering)
Yes, we are definitely going to need more chances opportunities to make a go of this!

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